Solar Companies in Botswana

During my research in Botswana, I have had the opportunity to meet with a number of solar companies to discuss their business and their perceptions of the renewable energy market in Southern Africa. Below you will find some information about these companies and links to their websites. Please note that this list is work-in-progress and is not yet a comprehensive list. If I have not included your Botswana-based solar company, please reach out to me at and invite me out for a visit and a chat so I can include you in the list.

Solar Power
This was the first renewable energy company in Botswana and was started by Morteza Abkenari when he moved to Botswana in 1975. Morteza has been promoting solar power for a long time now and is dedicated to making a difference in the way Botswana generates and uses energy. He has also been very influential in working with the Botswana Government to promote policies that encourage renewable energy. His company, Kgalagadi Resources Development (Pty) Ltd., doing business as Solar Power, is a very visible landmark in the Broadhurst area of Gaborone with its large roof signage promoting his company and solar power in general. Solar Power manufactures solar hot water geysers and collectors for both local and export markets. The company also specializes in the design and implementation of solar hot water systems, PV systems, solar-street light systems and they have pioneered some unique solar energy systems and programs. Solar Power are also sellers of solar operated pumps, electric bikes as well as DC appliances such as freezers, fridges and coolers.

Phone: (+267) 39 129 15

So Solar
So Solar was started in 2013 by three women entrepreneurs and is now run exclusively by Karen Giffard, a renewable energy enthusiast and electrical engineer. The company is based in Phakalane which is just to the north of Gaborone. The company specializes in solar lighting systems for floodlight, garden and interior applications and has developed a self-contained mobile solar system for a variety of applications ranging from small residential power assemblies to full-scale office and classroom systems. Karen also provides design and consulting services for solar projects and is a dedicated promoter of solar power in Botswana.

Phone: (+267) 74 129 413

Energy Systems Group/Solahart Botswana
Energy Systems Group does business under under the name of Solahart Botwana and is one of the largest players in the Botswana market. It has been operating since 1998 and is now under the capable leadership of Felix Chavaphi who is also President of the Solar Industries Association of Botswana. The focus of Solahart's business is the design and installation of solar hot water and PV systems but they also offer full service electrical contracting, maintenance and management services for commercial, industrial and residential installations. Additional services include mechanical system design and installation of HVAC, fire protection, boiler and refrigeration systems.  Energy service work includes energy audits and training for the installation and maintenance of PV and solar hot water systems. 

Phone (+267) 39 227 95

Solar International Botswana
Solar International Botswana was established in 1998 and has focused almost exclusively on solar PV systems. The company is lead by by the dedicated Sofia Figueroa and her team specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of PV and battery storage systems for electricity supply and water pumping. Their systems have been installed in villages, homes, lodges and farms throughout Botswana and the company has been involved in many of the rural electrification initiatives using solar power. Recently they have begun to offer solar hot water equipment and services. Solar International has a workshop and trained crew of technicians that can install, maintain and repair solar systems throughout the country.


Phone (+267) 31 828 90

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